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Innovation & Intellectual Property training course (bilingual)
Innovation &Intellectual Property training course (bilingual)创新与知识产权培训(双语)I.Basic/基础课程——8 hours/...
2020-10-19 101
Skills & Appreciation of Tea
Pace up your life, learn how to relax and engage in an enjoyable activity to become less tired or anxious. Healthy lifestyle also means taking a break occasionally…
2020-10-19 100
Smart Home/Office application usage
1.What is Smart home/Office?2. The difference between a smart home and a normal home.3.What the dema...
2020-10-13 89
Ceramic Appreciation Course
陶瓷鉴赏培训课程I. Basic course/基础课程——8 hours/八个课时 8 hoursII. Intermediate course中级课程——16 hours/十六个课时 III. A...
2020-10-12 107
Intelligent Solutions

Without inheritance, no innovation is possible; Intelligent application drives more efficiency, comfort and convenience. To pursue more heritage and keep up with the pace, sustainable upgrading is essential to you. Two Best is always here to support you!

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