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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI), also known as business intelligence, refers to the use of modern data storage technology, online analytical processing technology, data extraction and data presentation technology for data analysis to achieve business value.
Business intelligence is the process of collecting, managing, and analysing business information. The goal is to enable decision makers at all levels of the enterprise to gain knowledge or insight to make decisions that are more favourable to the business. Business intelligence generally consists of data storage, online analytical processing, data extraction, data backup and recovery. Business intelligence involves software, hardware, consulting services and applications. Basic structure includes data storage, online analytical processing, and data extraction.

Two Best “Link Anywhere System” application helps users securely and freely implement real-time business processing from anywhere, on any network, using a simple web interface, to access the applications they required. It to help companies improve work efficiency, reduce operating costs, and ensure that the overall system is more secure and reliable. By deploying applications quicker in a centralized manner, users can easily access office by mobile remote. It is not only protects users' investment, but also extends the life cycle of the appliances. The client is maintenance-free, easy to expand and improve ROI and reduce TCO (management cost).

Two Best integrated office data management solution

With the development of the network, businesses and departments on the demand for online instant messaging and real-time offices are becoming more and more evident. How to integrate businesses, department individual messages as a team and integrate original information applications in enterprises and departments to create a new real-time office platform and enhance Office efficiency? Two Best integrated office data management systems provide a robust solution.

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