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Patent of Editable QR Code
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Exploitations of the patents of “Editable QR code”

 1  Introduction


1.1 Patent granted in Singapore: Quick Response Code with Supplementary Data Written Therein And


Method For Reading information Contained In The Same, Patent No: 102015089793P, Date of


application: 23 October 2015, Approval Date: 31 October 2019.



1.2 Invention Patent invention issued in China: A QR code capable of writing supplementary data


and a method for reading data. Patent No.: CN201510698002.7, Date of application: 23 October


2015, Approval Date: 15 March 2019.


The applications of QR code are widespread in many areas, but the biggest problem is QR code can only provide fixed and unchangeable information after being generated. In other words, conventional QR code is read only, as a result, information storage capacity and application flexibility of the conventional QR codes are limited, also no information can be updated, no further information can be added.

The patents are invented to enhance the conventional QR code by allowing users to add and edit information at any time to resolve that problem. Furthermore, the patents are fully compatible with old QR code as well as adding supplement data to it, thus the breakthrough inventions will lead to more exploitations on wide ranges. for example: authenticity, traceability and positioning; unify and optimize QR code in fintech; verifying in cleaning industry; enhancing auto systems, certification of compliance and many other areas.

To create a serial editable data to a QR code, different level users mere read or write the specific level data by making a dot. Convert this patent to become a part of your identification and authorise the dot be more recognizable than signature.

 2 Theory and Eexamples

2.1 Multi-layer data for different level users to retrieve


2.2 Authenticity, traceability, Positioning

2.3 Unify and Optimize QR code in Fintech


2.4 Enhance auto systems












Picture 2                                                                                 Picture 1


The above pictures are schematic diagram of this invention. QR code (picture 1) contains three position detection patterns, each pattern takes the form of a square bull’s eye with alternating black and white lines, the white color empty square 口”can be split to different data blocks (picture 2), for instant, the block A,B,C,D,E,F,G locate at different positions and represent different information by writing supplementary data. All the three position detection patterns can be used to contain new information that is capable of editing and adding.


The patents utilize the no-data area of each position detection pattern as the data-write area for users to add new information after the original data is written. The benefits of the QR code resides in higher information capacity and application flexibility of the QR code.

2.4.1 Samples

1.   Expansion of website and name cards: The initial data of the QR code is “www.***.com”, by supplementary data, one level down of the website is create, example www.***.com/*.html; more information on the specify QR code, by writing supplementary data on the conventional QR code , after scanning the new QR code, the supplementary data can be retrieve and combine the conventional QR code data to form a new one, by decoding the new data to finalize the new functions, as above website, the original data written in the QR code is a website address


“www.***.com”, users can access to a directory, such as “www.***.com/*.html”, which is one level down the website address, by writing supplementary data again in the QR code.


Additionally, if the supplementary data is involved with name cards, more detailed information in association with the object can be scanned and read out after the supplementary data is written in the data blocks. Refer to picture 3, normal QR code APP retrieves only the same result or same information (www.twobest.com). Whereas, applied our patent, the new APP is able to recognize different name cards as the different data blocks were written. The below another 4 QR codes with different position data blocks represent different name cards.



2.      News updating and as attendance system:


A bulletin board as an example, which is placed with a QR code, the person in charge of it could update the latest news by scanning it and updating the information, every time the user scans the QR-code he/she gets the latest information. As well as any specific day’s information by writing a dot mark at the specific position. At the same time, by using the dot which is created by system, it works as an attendant system to record the information of the person, as well to prevent him for another staff scanning, at the same time links with lock system to open the door.


3.      Offering: Mark dot on the QR code to allow N% discount for the day.


4.      Automatic control system: While the conveyer machines or robots are moving, just add a dot whatever by physical or virtual method, they will change the direction or alter the part or entire procedure.


5.      Shared bicycles: if there is a dot on the QR code stick on the shared bicycles (fault indication), either the user or maintenance guys are easily to recognize and avoid, even the dot is diminished, to scan it by handphone, the accurate information will appear on your screen, the dot makes shortening the seeking time and cost.

2.4.2 Secure

We know some altered and forged QR codes have occurred all the time, these inventions are the appropriate solution to solve that issues, because the dot represents data which has been stored on server, without the patented technology no data can be decoded, thus it is the second layer’s protection. Associated with smart card, likes NFC card, the supplementary data is also saved in the NFC at the same time, that makes off-line verification feasible, this is the third layer’s protection, in some extend more secure needed, then the block chain can be the last layer’s protection.

2.4.3 Certification


By shrinking the personal signature to a dot, only authority is entitled to decode it, the dot which generated in these inventions by certain algorithm has been purposely written or click on the specific data blocks of the position pattern. Therefore, the patents completely prevent from forging signature and unauthorised person.


2.4.4 Authenticity, traceability and positioning


For Luxury goods, to stick one unique QR code which has been generated by the vital characteristics of the goods and owner’s information ( IP address, device ID etc.), to store the information in the server, for third layer’s protection, to save the information at smart card at the same time, in every circulation, to add new data and to save them to the server and smart card, based on the limitation of the current owner, certain data can write in, certain data is read only. Then the customer is able to verify, to trance even to positioning the goods. If some GPS chip was applied, the real time location will be achieved in every single second. So, it can be used for antique, artistic works etc.



2.4.5 Mobile interaction

These patents transcend the previous QR code of one-time data to multiple editable data. then mobile interaction becomes reality by multidirectional communication. For instance, applying patents to the QR payment code, customers and sellers can evaluate each other, more star’s awards mean less risk.


2.4.6 Combine with smart chip


In many cases, combining with smart chip may achieve significant improvement for certain technology, these patents are the same, in the application of these patents, we have indicated few examples of smart chips on top few sections as regard the third layer’s protection and the fourth layer’s protection to use smart sim card which cannot be copy even clone…

Moreover, the patents’ APP is compatible to current QR code, as well as able to add and edit new data in terms of the special algorithm, it can be used for main website with different sub sites to browse directly and offering with certain discount. (example QR code is www.twobest.com, just add a dot can direct link to www.twobest.com.cn or www.twobest.com.sg etc. in the same way just to add a dot in different pattern, the discount will be from 10%, 20%, 30%..., regular discount and a special discount are also be preset easily.


3 Ongoing development and Customer demand:


3.1     Authenticity, Traceability and Positioning system for luxury goods and antiques

3.2     Bed sheet washing verification and management system

3.3     Quarantine system to confirm the exact person stay at the specific location

3.4     Attendance system for class, conference

3.5     Smart lock system, auto check-in, extension and management system

3.6     QR code remittance with second layer’s protection system

3.7     Members Management system

3.8     Authenticity of certificate system

3.9     Company information & management system

3.10    Intelligent Post Office system

3.11     Auto sorting & QC inspection system

3.12     Robots control system

3.13     Laundry verification system

3.14     Other automation control system


3.15     A combination of Inventory management system, receive till delivery procurement system (Case one: A customer orders a TV set online, every TV will be issued a special QR code, the courier company thus requested for QR code for verification, customer scan the QR code to confirm of acceptance (In doing so, it also capturing the date of warranty), if there is a need for repair, just re-scan again so a recording is done (input the person who does the repair, repair report, data, time, etc. in the system). Only limited information is disclosed to the repairman and customer, as the system information has already pre-set to read only certain data for specify service department. Thus, only authorized personnel of that company are able to have a limited overview data information. This data will only include term of payment, reminder of overdue payment, record repair time of staff, report condition of repair etc. All the information capture can be used for further reference. Tracking journey time of staff, even tracking their location.

Thus the Patent is based on the invention and users requirement, APP uses a special calculation method to input a location point, customer needs an intelligent device (handphone, computer etc.) to make a mark on the blank sector QR code, or choose to print out QR code to make a mark, follow by scanning its again using the handphone, the input information into the storage data will do a comparison.

On the surface, different people may have the same look of QR code, however the dot mark is located differently, therefore the reading of the data is different, thus eliminates data being replace by other.


Using face recognition, fingerprint, voice etc. body simulation detection to open APP, block having one’s handphone being use by possibility different user.


As the need to mark a time and location randomly, eliminates a person to wait for another to control the system


During scanning process, the handphone capture information like number of time usage, user’s register ID, location, it put a stop for argument and denial of payment, probably the best method compares to hard copy signature.


Customer’s signature of acceptance, staff sign in, contractor delivery and completion of service etc., every procedure being recorded to identify it authenticity, clarity, traceability and location tracking.


Case 2 : The washing of hotel bed linen for example, when the chambermaid has finished changing and arranging bed linen, he/she will opens up the APP to record his/her location for tracking, moreover the chambermaid will indicates a mark point on the QR code, though the mark when send for washing diminished, the data is capture. When a guest wanted to inspect his/her bed linen if has sent for washing or has been changed for the past two days, she just has to trace the mark that the chambermaid made. The record of the chambermaid information appeared, after scanning the QR code. It had captured the number of times the chambermaid does the washing to determine the life span of the bed linen and the efficiency of the chambermaid. Thus, determination of authenticity, traceability and location tracking this product, is much easier to understand.

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