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In response to netizens' heated discussion about "Dali XX issued a new regulation: banning XX merchants from using candles during power failure", the XX Protection Bureau of Yunnan Dali City said on June 30 that the public had misinterpreted the contents of the relevant document, as an additional clause in the upcoming Fire Safety Inspection Rules for Dali XX Operating Households...
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In view of the netizens "Dali XX new rules: no XX merchants use candles during blackout", on June 30, administration of the Dali in yunnan province XX protection response, said the public exist a misreading of relevant documents content, as the upcoming "Dali XX door fire control safety inspection rules" additional clause content, is leading the specification, not rigid requirements, the new rules will not give XX merchants set threshold.

Recently, media reported that the Dali XX Protection Administration will start to apply for the Dali XX License from July 1 to further strengthen the protection and management of XX.However, a provision in the fire safety code that requires businesses not to use candles during power cuts has caused a lot of controversy.Some netizens expressed their understanding and thought that XX was mostly wooden structure and some dangerous appliances should be banned.Some netizens think this is a manifestation of "lazy government", which cannot stand up to scrutiny.

On June 30, Dali XX Protection Bureau provided the "controversial" "Dali XX Operator Fire safety Inspection Rules.In the Rules, strict specifications and standards are formulated for the installation of indoor electric wires and electrical circuits, fire fighting facilities such as fire extinguishers, etc. of the business households in XX.However, the stipulation that operators "shall not use candles in case of power failure" appears in the additional provisions of the Rules.Additional terms also mentioned: operators shall not use honeycomb briquette;Electric stoves, electric heaters (small SUNS) and firewood fires shall not be used for heating;Do not use liquid alcohol, charcoal fire as hot pot, dry pot heating materials.

It is understood that the Rules are applicable to all business households engaged in civil and commercial production and business operations in the XX Key Protection zone of Dali, and it makes it clear that merchants must strictly accept fire safety inspection in accordance with the provisions of the rules, and can apply for other certificates and licenses only after passing the rules.This means that compliance with the relevant requirements of the Fire Safety Inspection Rules for Dali XX Operating Households will be a necessary condition for merchants to obtain the Permit.In the face of the upcoming implementation of the regulations, a merchant in XX in Dali said that although he understands and supports the protection work of XX, is there a better way beyond the "habitual practice of banning it"?

In response, XX, chief of the operation and management Section of THE XX Protection Bureau in Dali City, explained that there was a misunderstanding of the content of the document that "candles should not be used during power failure". The additional clause in the Rules is a "flexible guidance" rather than a "mandatory requirement", which is the advice and advocate for merchants in the next step of XX protection management."It will not be banned immediately after it is proposed, but gradually guide businesses to use less or no candles and other open flames. The specific operation will also be humanized, and the new rules will not become an artificial threshold for businesses."XX stressed.

XX also said that issuing license to operators and implementing Fire Safety Inspection Rules for Operators in XX Dali are only means to standardize management of XX, which are to draw lessons from XX fire in many places and formulate norms based on full investigation and investigation.The purpose and original intention of the linkage between fire control, environmental protection, public security, industry and commerce and the protection and management department of XX is to better protect and manage.

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