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Two Best Intelligence

Two Best Intelligent solutions are to apply the latest technology to create smart control, security monitoring and multimedia service solutions for home, office and factory users, as well as to integrate our patents, design, optimization and programming in them. For the smart solutions, no matter where you are, you can always use your mobile phone to monitor and remotely control any of your electrical equipment, by Two Best bilingual voice control systems will assist you to enjoy the intelligent and liveable daily life, our patens of editable QR codes will fit to our life to benefit the most modern society.

Innovation & Intellectual Property

Two Best Innovation & Intellectual Pte Ltd is committed to provide clients the best solution for legal matters. Our partners come from various tip-top professors, lawyers, judges, and expertise in this field. We believe in giving you the best intellectual and innovation services. Our service includes Industrial or Commercial Property rights, Business model innovation, Concept model, Trademark, Patent, providing latest technology with other comprehensive training, management, risk management and control, legal protection.

Intelligent Scheme

Implementing different strategy and providing reliable solution, our staffs provide professional team spirit and create a long-term relationship with our partner locally and internationally.

Two Best Training Hub

Two Best training hub provides a variety of comprehensive courses range from innovative technology, smart system, intellectual property rights, ceramics appreciation, the art & skills to taste  tea and so on. We believe in integrity cum win-win philosophy, to inspire and benefit each other and make more progress together.

Our Ceramics Appreciation course will be officially launched on 8 November 2020. Kindly do your registration online. It is a Saturday afternoon class.


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